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Your spiritual awakening book to guide you in discovering your authentic self and living a purpose-driven life.

How you will benefit from our WORKBOOK

Using our spiritual awakening book could provide the following benefits:

Less Stress and Improved Mental Health

Live in the present moment and let go of worries about the past and future. Practising mindfulness, meditation, and other practices can improve mental health. These practices can reduce anxiety and increase overall well-being.

Improved Self-Awareness and Personal Growth

Regular self-reflection allows individuals to understand better their thoughts, emotions, behaviours, and patterns. It encourages you to challenge your limitations, overcome obstacles, and leads to personal growth.

Enhanced Connection to a Higher Power

Spiritual awakening often involves connecting to a higher power, the universe, or a greater purpose. Exploring this aspect can provide a sense of meaning and fulfilment in life.


spiritual awakening journal
  • How to develop self-awareness to understand yourself better.
  • How to explore and understand these aspects of yourself that need healing.
  • How to develop your intuition using practical, intuitive development exercises.  
  • How to connect to your higher power using meditation and practical methods.
  • How to utilise your talents, passions, and skills to discover your purpose.
  • To explore and understand these aspects of your shadow self more deeply.
  • Deep breathing and meditation practices

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Hi, thanks for the opportunity to share. I notice while gazing at sacred geometry art that it moves,changes color,and there’s little sparks of light that I see that move short distances within the design. Looking up the reason why is what brought me here.Most definitely in the transformation of a awakening.Im an empath.Everything is heightened.
Ascension process… it’s beautiful and amazing but uncomfortable at times. The sacred geometry, light codes received, we are healers and light code carriers. Keep meditating… it’s spiritual growth. Seeing your aura change colours and where you are balanced or need work. So great to read and know others are in the same process.
I’m so glad I found this. For the last year and a half so much has been happening. I see when I wake up : what looks like celtic symbols, beings – maybe elves or gnomes (its the red eyes that freaked me out), once a black lady in red floating over me, a bouquet of flowers, two little girls with their back to me (looked like twins but one with red hair and one with purple hair). 


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