Hi, my name is Avis. I am a life purpose coach, graphic designer, writer, and spiritual practitioner.

I create books and self-development tools to help you awaken your true potential so you can create the life you want. Having struggled for years, feeling lost and unhappy, stuck in jobs that did not fulfil me or utilize my talents and passions. I felt I had no direction or purpose in life.

Then, in 2013, I started exploring and seeking my purpose by reading many self-help and personal development books. It wasn’t until I studied and practiced spiritual development, counselling, and Dhyana Yoga meditation that I discovered my purpose.

Training and Practices:
Dhyana Yoga Meditation (2014) ongoing – Dhyana Centre, London
Spiritual Development (2013) ongoing – London spiritualist church and London School of Spirituality
Counselling & Psychotherapy Skills (2014–2016) West Thames College & Ealing College
Certified Life Coach / Life Purpose Coach (2020) – Transformation Academy

When I discovered my purpose, I finally felt I could be who I am and share the gifts given to me to help others and myself. My purpose is to help others to discover their true potential. I use my creative gifts, experiences, practices, and ideas with you so you can live your life with passion and purpose.
The self-reflective practices and resources that I used may work for you, or they may not. At least give it a go. You never know.

My Current Projects:

Wellness Printables
Specialize in wellness, self-care, and self-improvement printables and digital planners. 

Green Collab
An environmental platform for local communities in the UK. Who want to improve sustainability in their local area.

Sacred Originals
Sacred Originals is a modern style faith-based brand that would uplift and inspire others. 


Avis Williams

Spiritual Practitioner