Career Dowsing: How To Find Your Passion and Life Purpose Using Pendulum Dowsing

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Would You Like To Find Your Dream Career? Read our Career Change book 

This career change book guides you to learn about yourself and to discover your talents, passions and a career with meaning. The workbook format is easy to use and includes writing prompts and exercises that will guide you into the depths of who you are and help you express your true self and discover your purpose.

The career workbook is great for men, women, job hunters, and career changers that are looking to plan and set daily career goals. Also a great gift for pendulum dowsers, individuals that use dowsing rods, dowsing pendulums, witching stick or divining rods. Also great for psychics, clairvoyants, spiritual mediums, family, friends and for loved ones that like dowsing.

In the Book You Will Learn

• How to find your passion, purpose and ideal career

• How to utilise your talents, passions and skills to discover your purpose and what
career is right for me.

• How to access your subconscious to discover your hidden talents.

• How to fulfil your career goals using our daily action planner.

• What is pendulum dowsing and how to dowse with a pendulum.

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