Best Spiritual Documentaries To Watch

Best Spiritual documentaries

These are the best spiritual documentaries that I have seen. These captivating documentaries offer a portal to unlock the mysteries of the universe, unravel ancient wisdom, and gain new perspectives on the intricacies of the human experience.

These films offer a wealth of resources for individuals seeking to enhance their spiritual understanding and ignite their personal growth, from delving into the depths of meditation and consciousness to examining the intersection of science and spirituality. Whether you are a curious seeker or a seasoned practitioner, these documentaries are sure to leave a profound impact on your mind and spirit.

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Best Spiritual Documentaries (I have seen!!)

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1. Awake: The Life of Yogananda 

Best Spiritual Documentaries

The documentary “Awake: The Life of Yogananda” takes viewers on a captivating journey into the fascinating life and profound teachings of Paramahansa Yogananda.

Through a series of captivating visuals and intimate interviews, the film delves into Yogananda’s upbringing in India, his spiritual quest, and his ultimate migration to the United States, where he became a leading exponent of yoga and meditation.

2. Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds

Best Spiritual Documentaries

A documentary film created by Canadian filmmaker and meditation teacher Daniel Schmidt. The documentary talks about the one vibratory energy field that connects all things and its link with religion, science, and between our inner and outer worlds.

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3. Samadhi

The documentary film “Samadhi: Maya, the Illusion of the Self” explores the concept of Maya in Hinduism and Buddhism, which refers to the illusory nature of the reality we experience.

The film investigates how our perceptions and experiences can be distorted by our conditioning, leading us to identify with a false sense of self or ego.

4.  InnSaei: The Power of Intuition

The thought-provoking documentary “InnSaei: The Power of Intuition” delves into the deep-rooted significance of intuition in human communication and comprehension.

5. Kumaré (2011)

Best Spiritual Documentaries

The documentary “Kumare” follows Vikram Gandhi, an Indian-American filmmaker on a quest to explore the power of faith and belief. As part of a social experiment, he adopts the persona of “Kumare,” a spiritual teacher who develops a devoted following in Arizona.

6. Samsara (2012)

Best Spiritual Documentaries

Released in 2012, “Samsara” is a captivating documentary that offers a visual tour of the world’s most breathtaking landscapes, ancient ruins, and bustling cities, all without the confines of a specific narrative or plot. Instead, the film explores the cyclical nature of existence and the interconnectedness of all things.

7. Unity (2015)

Best Spiritual Documentaries

“Unity” is a documentary that explores the world’s interconnectivity and oneness. The film examines how many religious and spiritual traditions, scientific theories, and personal experiences all point to a fundamental truth: that we are all related and part of a larger whole.

The documentary includes interviews with a wide range of people, including spiritual leaders, scientists, activists, and artists, who offer their thoughts on the concept of oneness. Their tales and thoughts show how we can overcome our differences and cultivate understanding and compassion for all living things.

8. The Reality of Truth

Best Spiritual Documentaries

“The Reality of Truth” is a thought-provoking documentary that delves into the intersection between psychedelics and spirituality. The film takes audiences on a transformative journey alongside journalist Mike “Zappy” Zapolin and actress Michelle Rodriguez as they explore the profound effects of plant medicines like ayahuasca and iboga on the human psyche.

9. I AM (2010)

Best Spiritual Documentaries

Tom Shadyac’s documentary “I Am” delves into the interconnectedness of all living beings and the essence of humanity. After a life-changing bicycle accident that left him questioning his beliefs and the state of society, the renowned Hollywood director embarked on a journey of self-discovery.

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